3. NYPA Facilities

The New York Power Authority is the country's largest state public power organization, producing some of the cheapest electricity in North America. Our 17 generating facilities and over 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines produce the power to help sustain more than 380,000 jobs statewide. We are a national leader in promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable-fuel and clean-energy technologies. You are now at the crown jewel of NYPA facilities, the Niagara Power Project. Niagara is the biggest electricity producer in New York State, generating 2.4 million kilowatts—enough power to light 24 million 100-watt bulbs at once! This low-cost electricity saves the state's residents and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars a year. We will explain how it works during your visit. The neon map provides an overview of the generating facilities and NYPA transmission lines that carry power across the state. Use the buttons to highlight a particular facility location.