12. How It Works

The Robert Moses Power Project uses the power of water falling a little more than 300 feet to spin a nearly 90 ton turbine at 120 revolutions per minute. The turbine is 17 feet in diameter. Notice in the scale model how stainless steel shafts more than four feet in diameter extend upward more than 30 feet to a spinning rotor. The rotor is 34 feet around and weighs almost 600 tons with 60 electromagnets. This sits inside a stator with copper coils. There is only five eights of one inch between the rotor and the stator. The spinning rotor inside the fixed stator produces electricity in the copper coils. The 13 turbines combined at the Robert Moses can discharge 115 thousand cubic feet of water per second back into the lower Niagara River. More details regarding the plant’s operation are available from our tour guides but be certain to visit the adjacent terrain map exhibit and the adjacent Robert Moses exhibit. Press the buttons for additional audio presentations.